Value Densification Community Mapping Project [VDCmp]

Value Densification Community Mapping Project [VDCmp]




Value Densification is “a focus on investment and development in neighborhood and districts of the city where inhabitation, cultural, blue-green + gray infrastructure, and economic assets are in evidence”. The Value Densification Community mapping project (VDCmp), is a theory, a community-based process and an interactive GeoDesign digital interface which incorporates ArcGIS, Sketch Up, and other software programs. We input public and private information, model data layers and create “analysis layerings” to empower the community and inform decision making, policy, planning, and design. This research has been funded by the American Institute of Architects, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and the Southwest Detroit Development Collaborative (SDDC).


Research Partners: Calvin Creech [2008-2013], Alan Hoback [2007-2009] and Tomasz Lechowski [2007] Research Assistants: Jordan Martin [2008-2013] Eli Kafer, Agata Sander, Anna Twarogowska [2007]

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