Monteith Library

Geography: Detroit, Michigan
September 2023-current
Client: Wayne State University (WSU) Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Riverbend neighborhood of Detroit.

studio[Ci] was invited to join a Team of local advocates and professionals to address the adaptive reuse of the historic Monteith branch library on Detroit’s Eastside. The Monteith Library is located at 14100 Kercheval Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA, at the corner of Eastlawn Street, south of Kercheval Avenue, north of E. Jefferson Avenue, east of Eastlawn Street, and west of Newport Street.

The Monteith Project is a collective vision to revive and expand the programming of the branch as both a library and a local resilience hub (as part of Eastside Community Network’s planned eastside network), investigate the feasibility of adjacent affordable senior housing, and be everything a modern library can and should be to a neighborhood:  “knowledge infrastructure”.

As architecture and design lead, studio[Ci]’s scope includes: Team meetings, documentation of Existing Conditions and Regulatory Overlay, Generation of Team Consensus Design and Development Alternatives, and Final Renderings and Site Diagrams.

studio[Ci] Leads: Constance C. Bodurow, Principal and Haibin Tan, Senior Designer

Technical Team: Dr. William Shuster, Chair WSU Department Civil and Environmental Engineering, Project Director; Dr. Tam Perry, WSU Professor of Social Work; Professor Hyun Koo, Construction Feasibility; Lisa DiChiera, Historic Preservation; Cindi Cook, Media and Communications.

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