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Detroit, Michigan, spring 2016-current, with Community Partners: It Starts at Home [IS@H] et.al.

The NGO IS@H wishes to secure, make stable, and sustainably grown their beloved 48204 neighborhood. In coproduction with the community, studio[Ci] has proposed that 23-31 acres of publicly owned, vacant property in the Seebaldt Pilot can create, utilizing the HNZE canopy, a cooperatively owned, community MicroGrid – comprising the sustainable Infrastructure to satisfy the demands and needs of 230 households in Detroit 48204 for: Energy (the MgW of electricity from solar and therms of HVAC from Geothermal), Water management (rainwater collection for irrigation, gray water systems and to mitigate stormwater), Food (fresh fruits and vegetables in gardens and orchards), Waste (composting and anaerobic biogas generation) and Mobility (focusing on bus, bike and pedestrian enhancements).  These 31 acres are comprised of 177 properties which concentrate along the “Energy Avenues” of Maplewood, Beechwood, and Ironwood for the Seebaldt Pilot, all of which are owned by one public entity – the Detroit Land Bank (DLB)! In addition, this infrastructure will be overlain with Renewable Systems of Education, Work Force Development, Economy, and Culture. In fall 2016, Director Bodurow led a team of 20 Master students from LTU and MIT to create the HEIRS strategic framework, which allows studio[Ci] to rally partners and resource, including the city of Detroit, DTE, and technical assistance for PV, water, energy efficiency and weatherization, and work force development, etc. to achieve the vision.






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