Who we are

studio[Ci]’s Mission 

studio[Ci] is committed to relevant, sustainable change in communities large and small. We offer innovative, rigorous, transdisciplinary design services and are small enough to provide individual attention and focus, but big enough to produce and deliver. We serve with integrity, quality, and high ethical standards. We are committed to developing young and emerging talent and engaging diverse collaborators, constituencies, and partners. studio[Ci] relies on technology, but is guided by expertise and compassion. We enjoy our work and are ready to grow!



Who we are  

studio[Ci] is a transdisciplinary design collaborative founded in 2008 – both an LLC and a design lab within the College of Architecture+Design at Lawrence Technological University. Studio[Ci] was founded by Constance C. Bodurow, Assoc. AIA, AICP, CUD, as the locus of her creative production and a transdisciplinary team of professional architects, urban designers, civil and environmental engineers. We believe that a new urban geography and ecosystem are required to balance the benefits and impacts of both shrinking cities and rapid urbanization within the context of the bioregion and to leverage the assets and complex combination of forces of the cityscape. Our transdisciplinary faculty team has created the Ci methodology and GeoDesign platform (4D digital interface) which allows us to proactively design for the “coming together” of metrics [criteria] into a spatial convergence. We make specific design proposals to describe the role of density, infrastructure networks (broadly defined), and net zero energy in sustainable urbanism. We then create land use, urban design and architectural proposals utilizing digital technology to pose questions and experiment at a variety of scales to recommend future sustainable and renewable urban form. Our approach is collaborative, criteria driven, integrative, transdisciplinary. Our design interventions and co-production occur at both the local and global scale.

We create sustainable communities through architectural and urban design interventions incorporating net zero energy, generative uses for vacancy, and hybridized ecosystems for infrastructure and renewable systems. studio[Ci] initially invented a unique GeoDesign digital interface, utilizing a variety of digital technologies, for data mapping, analysis, and opportunities generation. Convergence of Intensity [Ci], is the purposeful phenomenon of envisioning present and future form utilizing metrics to define the new geography of the city. We encourage communities to proactively design for the “coming together” of metrics into a spatial convergence. Ci builds on and uses the VDCmp digital interface, and identifies various data sets to describe population, capacity, energy, infrastructure and investment. We then create an applied design framework and generate proposals for future urban form and program at the scale of the structure, site, neighborhood, city and associated urbanized ecosystem.