Valade Park (Atwater Beach)

Robert C. Valade Park (Atwater Beach)
Geography: Detroit, Michigan
March 2018-September 2019
Sub-consultant to Mannik+Smith Group and Commercial Contracting Corporation
Client: The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy (DRFC)
Atwater Beach will be a new urban beach on the eastern end of the Detroit Riverwalk which will provide residents and visitors with a unique recreational experience along the “bridge to bridge” riverfront greenway. The studio[Ci] team is a sub-consultant to M+SG/CCC and is providing schematic design, design development, and construction documents for west side park features, including: The Lifeguard Playscapes, The Community Grill, and the Whiskeytown Barge. Our goals are to translate the conceptual design direction created by Groundswell Design (Philadelphia, PA), the Client’s established standards and direction, the City’s regulations, in order to provide beach constituents with a safe, fun, and dynamic public realm experience. Opened: Fall 2019.

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