The 5×8 Project | Movement Ecosystem

The 5×8 Project | Movement Ecosystem


Detroit Michigan, June 2013-current

Thus far, the supporting research and installation “Movement Ecosystem” and Director Bodurow’s summer long experiment to live “car free” in Detroit, though so much more.

The 5×8 project – studio[Ci] Founding Director Constance Corinne Bodurow went “car free” in Detroit for the summer! As of 01 June 2013, Constance gave up her car and committed to a summer long experiment to make all trips on foot, bike or bus. Her primary objective was to meet all physical, social and cultural needs within the historic city limits of Detroit (The Grand Boulevard). Check out the blog she created to document her data and experiences while raising awareness of the joys and challenges of a non-motorized life in Detroit. Hopefully, there are many unique design research trajectories for studio[Ci] from this summer experiment!


Graduate Research Assistants: Haibin Tan, Ramzi Almatrahi, Dustin Altshul

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